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J Char Designs

J Char Designs creates custom Wedding Stationery by telling a couples story or sharing a special detail with hand painted watercolors, and artful design.

I created J Char Designs to offer brides bespoke design services. When I got married I was looking for something personal and extremely unique. I could only find "cookie cutter" invitations designed to fit the masses! With a degree in Graphic Design I quickly got to work designing my wedding invitations. Soon a friend asked me to do theirs, and their friend asked me to design theirs and so it went!

I love creating something for the bride who has a theme they can’t find the perfect invitation for; the bride who wants a luxurious invitation to be their guest first look at their spectacular wedding; or the bride who just can’t find, or doesn't know what they are looking for as far as wedding invitations. I especially love the challenge of creating and invitation that embodies something very personal; from commemorating a loved one, to telling a story of how the love birds met, to incorporating important song lyrics into the invitation. Brides may have something special and personal they want to incorporate in the wedding but don’t know how and are thrilled when I can do so in a custom logo, or monogram or detail in their invitation. Sharing these stories in a subtle way through an invitation allows you to include a little intimacy in your special event, making it even more unique.


Besides my individual artistry, (custom artwork, custom watercolor, hand embossing, wonderful details, beautiful paper selections etc.) I create a comfortable and exciting experience for brides. My clients love the personal attention they get in the design process. They love seeing their vision in a tangible item. They also love how I can bring many ideas and preferences together into one masterpiece! 

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