Read about the brides and the stories that inspired their invitations.

Bianca's Story

It was such a pleasure to work with this family. Bianca had such a unique and beautiful request for me to work with. She wanted to incorporate a tree into the wedding in an artistic way to commemorate her “Nonni” who had planted a tree for her when she was born, but who passed before the wedding could take place. This tree monogram I created for the family was used in various places throughout the wedding. Every time the family saw the logo they were reminded of their loving grandmother. The rest of the guest saw a beautiful impressionistic tree painting. The invitation also had many hand painted watercolor flourishes to compliment the artistic theme of this classically beautiful wedding.

1. Tree monogram. Tree was hand painted then scanned into the computer to duplicate for invitations.

2.​​ Artful flourishes were hand painted to compliment the invitations then scanned in for duplication.

3. ​​The reception card featured a artful image that complimented the reception location at the Dayton Art Institute. Again, hand painted and then duplicated.

​For heather and Derek, music  intertwined  their love and they wanted to embrace it in a delicate way on their wedding day. They decided on a song, The Book of Love, they felt was special to them and that really complimented their love story.  The soft colors, gold foiling and delicate details are the perfect background music for this couples intimate invitations. While their guest received a beautiful invite, the details made it all the more special to the bride and groom. Notice 6 ways this invitation layers on the chapters of the song, creating a subtle music theme without the music notes.


1. Custom hand made envelope featuring the song lyrics.


2. Hand painted watercolor of  flowers used in the wedding. 

After painting the image is scanned for reproduction.


3. Custom monogram created for couple in gold foil. 

Monogram was used for lighting display at reception.


4. Lyrics of song around the monogram play on the idea of a record.


5. Book flourishes were created in reference to the song title. One book flourish featured Irish heather which reminds the couple of their heritage, the brides name and location of their engagement.


6. Song lyrics were also placed around the front of the invitation as a boarder.

Heather's Story

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