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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create custom designs for each Bride?


Every bride gets a personal, free consultation with me where I get to know the bride. I learn her likes and dislikes, her dream wedding ideas and her wedding style.  I then design several pieces especially with those things in mind. Usually they include something exactly like she said she wanted, a design I feel she will love and will best suit her and some things in between. This is my favorite part of the process! I love taking a idea or dream and making it art. I have designed for brides who had no idea of what they wanted to brides who are very particular. The end result is always something bespoke and beautiful. 

After the first consultation,  we meet again and discuss the designs and samples created for you. Then we can either pick one, choose designs to modify, or create new designs. We will work together until you have something you can't live without! After a design is chosen a final sample will be created for you. When approved, half the total invitation price will be required to start the order. The other half of the order price will be due upon receiving you one of a kind invitations.



How much do you charge?


There is no set total charge.  Because every design is custom, there are different materials, papers, printing methods, cuts, folds, and so on that determine the price.  I can also usually design according to a brides budget which most brides appreciate. With my knowledge of the printing industry, I have the ability to cut cost or go for the gusto by designing with various printing processes, and finishes in mind.

For full custom design complete with custom artwork, monogram,

luxury paper, and luxury printing, the average client can expect to spend $7,000 on 100 invitations.. Getting an estimate for custom work is best!

Selections from the semi-custom designs begin at $2500 per 100 invitations. $1,500 is my minimal purchase for invitation design of any kind.

How long does it take to receive my custom design?


After the first consultation with the bride in about three weeks I can follow up with designs and samples to choose from. I would prefer to give the whole design process from consultation to invitation about three months. Of course we can space the time out accordingly and some cases work more quickly. 


If a bride needs work done immediately I can do rush jobs on a case to case method. 


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