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5 ways to make your Wedding Stationery meaningful

I love stories. I was grateful to have a vast collection of books. I remember comparing my book case to the list of books in the flyer that came in the mail for kids and if I saw one was missing, especially from the Dr. Seuss collection, I would pine over it until we had it. My parents told me stories every night as a kid. Funny enough though, with such a collection of books, I always asked for the same story in a book that had a compilation of stories. It was about a hedgehog who had a loose tooth. I read it all the time. If my mom was sick of reading that story she would persuade me to let her make one up. Once I found out my mother was a ornery kid, I would beg her to tell me stories about times she got in trouble. I loved picturing her as a kid and would just laugh and laugh as I saw her in my minds eye playing out the stories she would tell me. I begged for for more. My father was great at storytelling too. He would tell me stories about a bear who always got into trouble. Or sing songs he made up about a duck who wanted more friends. I just ate it up. And even with all their stories every night, I regret not asking for more and more!

If you haven't guessed already, I am one of those people who will watch a movie 100 times in a row and never get sick of it. Only notice and appreciate different details every time. I will read the same book over and over as well, even as an adult. Listen to the same playlist until I have pictured every verse of every song.

When listening to a story, I envision it. I see myself there. It’s so easy for me to actually see what I’m hearing and even predict what might happen next. My imagination is such that sometimes I have to really think about if I have only heard the story or if I was actually there. Many times I will describe an event inside and out only to realize it was a story told to me not a memory of my own.

Why does this even matter to you? Because when you tell me your vision of your wedding day, I can see it. Because when you tell me a story I am inspired. I want to find a way to incorporate it into my work. Why create a simple boarder on your invites when it can be inspired by your love of horses? Why make a pretty flourish when it can remind you of your favorite song instead? Why not make all the details in your event stationery have meaning? Make the details intentional. Will your guest pick up on every detail? Of course not, but people don’t have to count the tread count themselves to know the sheets are rich. They will feel it. They will see it. They will appreciate the art in their hands. They will be excited and touched and anticipate your wedding day!

It all sounds good right?! But how? Here are a few ways to make your invitations more meaningful by sharing a story with them. A few ways to give your stationery more depth.

Five ways to make your wedding invitations more meaningful!

1. Put your wedding song lyrics in the envelope liner

One of my favorite things is a beautiful envelope. But how can you add some meaning to it or make it custom? Why not fill it with the lyrics to a song you love or your wedding song?

2. Use Custom illustrations Can you use a painting of your pup on a details card? How about a painting of a landscape that is special to you? This invitation uses a watercolor venue painting to give it a personal and meaningful touch.

3. Create a Custom Map

One of my favorite ways to tell a story is to create a custom map! Can you give your guest a wedding weekend map? What about a map of the city for guest who are new in town? This custom wedding map shares the couples love story by illustrating dates they went on together!

4. Use a custom Monogram

Have a monogram created for you to use as a couple. You can use it to brand your wedding and make it different from everyone else. Use a monogram or crest that is rich with meaning. Make it serious or fun like this one! The groom was a pilot so this monogram was fitting for their travel themed wedding.

5. Seal it in wax

A wax seal tells your guest each invitation was hand crafted. Maybe they are the glue that holds the ribbon that holds all your cards together? Perhaps a pretty decorative touch to your invites. Of course you can use them to enclose your envelope. But a word of caution! Make sure you protect them in the mail! I love using plastic mailers for mine.

Stay tuned for unique ways I create artful details for my couples, inspired by their stories.


Photo Credits:

1. Blush invitations photographed by Meghan Marie Studio

2. Venue painting illustrations photographed by Alison Mae Photography, Planner KMC Weddings

5. Double wax seal with hand torn edges photographed by Odessa James Photography, Planner KMC Weddings


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